19 Feb 2020

Why Currency Inflation is Theft

When we’re handling our finances and we’re planning for something to do with our money, we always consider inflation since it’s an important factor.

25 Feb 2018

A list of 50 Bitcoin Forks That You’ve Likely Never Even Heard Of

There are several well-known Bitcoin forks and airdrops that you are probably aware of. The most successful being Bitcoin Cash, which is the only likely contender that may overtake Bitcoin Core. Other novelty forks, like Bitcoin Gold or Bitcoin Diamond, still hold their value on exchanges but they may be short-lived.

14 Feb 2017

Fatca Crippling The Carribean Economy

The original intention of FATCA was to prevent overseas money laundering and tax evasion by the ultra wealthy. Unfortunately, the regulations have mostly impacted the finances of middle class Americans and banking institutions of developing countries.